Celebrate Dia De Los Muertos

Help us celebrate Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) by decorating a monarch butterfly in memory of a loved one. You can place it on our Monarch Butterfly Celebratory Altar located in the lobby of the Warden Oasis Theater.

Photo: Pablo Lopez

This year, we are celebrating and honoring the culture and tradition of Dia De Los Muertos, while making it unique to the Museum and our history. Our theme is to celebrate the animals and plants that make the Museum and the Sonoran Desert such a special place.

We have created the altar to honor previous animals of the Museum that have passed. Altars are traditionally made for Dia de Los Muertos to invite loved ones back to enjoy aromas of earthly delights such as spicy foods, fruits, chocolates, and flowers. With the help of various Museum departments we have placed photos of different animals and other remembrances around the altar. You can view photos of George the mountain lion, otters, and skunks at the altar.

Photo: Pablo Lopez

The altar is specifically dedicated to the monarch butterfly because of the significance it holds surrounding Dia de Los Muertos. Every fall, the day before or on Dia De Los Muertos, millions of monarchs begin to arrive in Mexico for the winter months. It has long been believed that these butterflies are the returning spirits of loved ones who have passed. Monarchs have been mysteriously migrating to Mexico for many centuries, and the belief that loved ones and ancestors return as these butterflies goes back even further.

We encourage you to add to our altar by decorating a monarch butterfly. The altar will be open for decoration until Monday, November 6.

Photo: Pablo Lopez

Interested in joining more of our celebration? Join us next Friday, November 3, for Noche De Las Calaveras.

Photo: Pablo Lopez

Written by Spring 2017 Marketing Intern, Pablo Lopez. 

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