To Bee or Not to Bee: 15 UnBEElievable Facts About Bees!

Have you heard the BUZZ? It’s National Honeybee Day! Step aside Beyoncé. Here are 15 facts about the “OG Queen Bees”!  1. All honeybees are bees but not all bees are honeybees! Honeybees are actually non-native to North America and were brought over in the 1600s from Europe. 2. Bees are found on every continent except Antarctica! … More To Bee or Not to Bee: 15 UnBEElievable Facts About Bees!

Membership Updates!

On Friday, June 15, the Museum increased its membership rates (except for the Student category). We didn’t want you caught off guard by this and thought you may wonder why this happened, so we thought we’d provide you with some things you might not know about the Desert Museum. Five Things You May Not Know About … More Membership Updates!

3 Parks: 1 Partnership (Part 5)

The Arizona- Sonora Desert Museum Junior Docents had the opportunity to get their hands dirty helping to improve the ecosystem of multiple endemic animals at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. The Youth Conservation Service Day included opportunities to learn about endangered species conservation efforts in the Sonoran Desert and to provide a hands-on experience in … More 3 Parks: 1 Partnership (Part 5)

Top Eight Reasons to Love a Packrat (Yes, Really!)

They’re CUTE Packrats are adorably adorned with large sympathetic eyes and ears comically larger than their faces. Wiggly whiskers and a soft, furry body complete their look. Why do they look so darn cute? Typically when animals display larger-than-life features we, as humans, find that facial ratio delightful. That’s why we are hard-wired to be … More Top Eight Reasons to Love a Packrat (Yes, Really!)

Earth Conservation Internship (Spring 2018)

The penultimate week of March marked the start of the first ever Earth Conservation Internship, or ECI for short! This program was developed as a collaboration between the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, the US Forest Service, the National Forest Foundation, Arizona Conservation Corps, Youth Career Connect, and Pima County One Stop. ECI aims to give high school students … More Earth Conservation Internship (Spring 2018)