Baby Got Bat!

Rather, the lesser long-nosed bats are having babies! According to a press release from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, a proposal has been submitted to delist the bat from the United States endangered species list, following a delisting from the Mexican endangered species list in 2015. With over half of the North American species … More Baby Got Bat!

Filthy, Stinking Niche: Vultures in the Ecosystem

Vultures have garnered perhaps the worst reputation of all birds worldwide. They’ve been blamed for killing cattle and stalking vulnerable prey.  And while they do scavenge upon what humans would label as filthy, gross meals, without the tidy housekeeping of vultures, any ecosystem would quickly be overrun by insects and diseases. If being maligned in … More Filthy, Stinking Niche: Vultures in the Ecosystem

Animal Migration in the Sonoran Desert Region

Many of us are anticipating the arrival of sun-seeking visitors from afar due to the holiday season. But what if your winter visitors had to swim 6,000 miles to get here? That is exactly what our region’s largest winter visitors do. Each winter, the Sonoran Desert bears witness to the greatest mammal migration on Earth. … More Animal Migration in the Sonoran Desert Region

3 Parks: 1 Partnership

Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, along with Organ Pipe National Monument and Pinacate Biosphere Reserve, are teaming up on a unique conservation and education project (funded by a grant from the National Park Service). The three organizations are uniting to help ensure species survival of Sonoyta Pupfish (formally known as Quitobaquito Pupfish) and the Sonoyta Mud Turtle.  Actions include researching … More 3 Parks: 1 Partnership

Mad Hops: It’s Grasshopper Season

Grasshoppers are intriguing creatures at any age. Owing to their size, ubiquity, and nonthreatening reputations, they are often the first insects a child will pick up. In school, grasshoppers are used as model organisms for teaching insect morphology and are often the first in a semester series of animal dissections. However, even with a lifetime … More Mad Hops: It’s Grasshopper Season