The Sound of Summer

A summer day in southern Arizona is anything but silent. Even if we completely eliminated the sound of humans and their machinery, the desert supplies a raucous, riotous auditory performance during the summer. Animals are emerging to metamorphose, feed or mate. In monsoon season, the diversity of the Sonoran Desert is on full audible exhibition. … More The Sound of Summer

A Tale of Two Fishes with a Porpoise (and Purpose)

Many people feel a special affinity for marine mammals. If you’re like me, you once dreamed of being a marine biologist and working with dolphins or whales. (This seems to be especially true for girls.)  The interplay of otherness and familiarity between humans and cetaceans engages the heart and the mind. It is therefore especially … More A Tale of Two Fishes with a Porpoise (and Purpose)

Who Run the (Insect) World? GIRLS

“I woke up like this. Flawless.” – Beyoncé Insects dominate the animal kingdom. They occupy every niche imaginable and have evolved to make meals of every substance available. Winged or wingless, aquatic or terrestrial, solid or fluid feeders, insects have acquired the flexibility to adapt to their surroundings quickly. They are opportunistic, industrious, integral to … More Who Run the (Insect) World? GIRLS