Who Run the (Insect) World? GIRLS

“I woke up like this. Flawless.” – Beyoncé Insects dominate the animal kingdom. They occupy every niche imaginable and have evolved to make meals of every substance available. Winged or wingless, aquatic or terrestrial, solid or fluid feeders, insects have acquired the flexibility to adapt to their surroundings quickly. They are opportunistic, industrious, integral to … More Who Run the (Insect) World? GIRLS

What do ‘Goldie Locks’ and Rattlesnakes Have in Common?

They both like the temperature to be ‘just right’, of course! Puns aside – rattlesnakes, like many other animals here in the Sonoran Desert, practice a desert survival strategy known as avoidance. They refrain from exposure and surface activity when it’s too hot during southern Arizona’s summer months, and the cold limits their activity during … More What do ‘Goldie Locks’ and Rattlesnakes Have in Common?